Chris Aguirre
Creative for Life™
Chris is a lifelong Creative1 of Color2.
He's a West Coast3 native living in a suburb4 of St. Louis with his wife5, daughter6, and four dogs7.
Chris is sober8 and is the founder and co-host9 of the irreverent weekly addiction recovery vod/podcast: Since Right Now10.
Chris doesn't always write about himself in the third person but when he does, I do too11.
1. graphic designer, writer, art & creative director, brand identity developer, illustrator
2. Latinx: Second-generation Mexican-American
3. Palo Alto & Berkeley, CA / Olympia & Seattle, WA
4. Webster Groves
5. Holly
6. 10-year-old Sabine
7. Small, rescue, different breeds
8. For over 22 years from alcohol and other drugs.
9. And producer, and engineer, and booker, and…
10. Now in its sixth year!
11. We've also got a thing for footnotes.